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Guest Comments

“We couldn't have picked a nicer place for the 25th Anniversary of our Gourmet Group. Your hospitality was wonderful, warm, friendly and inviting. The food was superb. Thank you!

Jim and Margaret Devine - Pellstown, New York

“We've been to B&B's in many parts of the world, but yours is one of the most tastefully appointed we've ever been."

Barbara Moyer & Walter Payne - Enfield Center, New Hampshire

“Thank you for creating such a wonderful and warm place to stay, being perfect hosts and trusting your guests and giving them space. Creative Breakfasts!"

Alec Gore - Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

“Enjoyable experience with wonderful cleanliness and the perfect breakfast. Thanks again for making our stay one to remember."

Andy, Lisa & Gregory Peterson - North Syracuse, New York

“You welcomed us very heartily, and offered us a beautifully decorated room with artisan ceiling bed ... And the breakfast was delicious with melons, berries, pancakes and maple syrup ... Honestly, we should stay here at least another 3 weeks."

Paul & Marleen Frigne - Brussels, Belgium

“We were so blessed to have found your beautiful B&B. Everything is wonderful and we were treated just like family."

Stephen & Martha Nellis - Weedsport, New York

“Atfter 8 1/2 weeks, what can I say .... A spledid establishment."

Phil Halfpenny - Harstad, Norway